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Every industry has its own highly specific language and jargon. If you're not intimately familiar with all the terms, it can be confusing to understand even basic instructions. We create technical documents that allow your employees or consumers to quickly and easily comprehend any information you're presenting. Professionals from a wide variety of industrial operation companies depend on us to create excellent documents at affordable rates. We value the relationships that we build with all our clients, from line workers to executives. It is our belief that building strong rapport allows us to produce better results for our clients.

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About Us

Our owner and lead writer, Patrick Cowan, has been offering technical writing services since 1983. However, his professional journey took many stops prior to his writing career. He has worked as a broadcast journalist, a business manager, and an oil industry professional. After he discovered his skill and passion for technical writing, he never looked back. He started by creating IT documentation and has recently gravitated towards procedural writing for industrial markets, especially the oil, gas, and mining industries. He currently focuses primarily on writing industrial maintenance and operating procedures. Today, with more than 30 years of experience, he understands exactly what it takes to create accurate, high-quality, and easily readable technical documents. 

  • User Guides & Cards
  • Reference Manuals
  • Procedure & Training Manuals
  • In-Hand Procedure Documents
  • Work Instructions
  • Process Analysis & Mapping


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