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Choose An Experienced & Skilled Technical Writer

Having easily understandable documents is essential for the success of any business. A technical writer has the ability to decipher intricate technical details and transform them into digestible guides, manuals, and procedures that your clients and employees will comprehend and appreciate. With decades of experience in this industry, we have the skills to support a wide range of technical operations. When you rely on us for high-quality documents, you always receive impressive value for your money.

As a small company with a limited staff of technical writing experts, we are generally able to provide service to one full-time project or two part-time projects at any given time.   Currently (October 2018) we are fully engaged by a client until approximately March 2019.  

Our Process

As a business operator, you have a lot to balance; taking the time to create technical documents may not be something you can fit into your day. We understand that effectively managing your information can be a struggle. Let us ease your burden. We start the process with a stress-free interview with the employees who work most closely with the relevant topic. During the interview, we listen to and extract all pertinent information regarding the specific procedure and its end products. We understand that many procedures are complex and require input from multiple disciplines or departments to reach the end goal. We integrate all of these diverse steps and instructions into one easy-to-read document that is sure to produce the results you want. Additionally, our clients rely on us to create reference materials depending on the specific needs of the company. Depend on us for many different types of industrial, technical, and software documents, including:

  • Work Instructions
  • In-Hand Field Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training Guides
  • Reference Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Job Aids
  • User Cards
  • Process Analysis & Mapping 

Clean, Simple Language

Even if you have the best information, strategies, and procedures available, they are useless if your employees and customers can't understand them. After we complete our initial interview, we break down the information into smaller pieces that are easy to understand and manage. It is our goal to create valuable, concise documents that require a minimal amount of reading. We take the time to convey your information effectively and efficiently, while always keeping your target audience in mind.

Safety First

Safety is one of the key aspects of what we document at DataText. Clear safety information and precautions prevent harm to people, the environment, and equipment. Virtually all the documents that we produce contain sections dedicated to safety — such as hazard identification, required Personal  Protective Equipment (PPE), and prerequisite conditions for commencing work. During our technical document creation, we always keep safety at the forefront. We consider it essential that we produce materials that meet all the safety standards of our clients' operations.

Please Note: We are technical writers and specialize in the documents listed. DataText does not provide:

  • Literary Proofreading and/or Editing
  • Representation of Authors to Publishers
  • University or College Papers or Theses
  • Marketing Literature
  • Resumes